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What we can do for you

Trust.  Reliability.  Nuanced accuracy.  Superior Transcriptions will produce a high-quality transcript of your event, audio or video file on your deadline.  Our vastly experienced and skilled team, trusted by top governmental, nongovernmental and media organizations, is available to complete your project.  We offer customized turnaround times, formatting and features to meet your needs.  We are also able to record your Washington, D.C.-area event live if desired.

We are experts in producing:

  • Quality transcriptions produced by experienced, U.S.-based transcriptionists and proofreaders in the time frame you determine.
  • Our standard formatting or custom formatting to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Event recordings with on-site staff who have extensive experience recording audio.
  • Time coding of transcripts enabling easy cross-referencing of your video/audio files with the written transcript.
  • Political, defense, foreign affairs, finance, justice, NGO, congressional, executive branch, Supreme Court, business, interview, conference, symposium, press conference, media stakeout, pre-production, conference call and other content.

Here's a recent example of how our product is used, from the Wall Street Journal.

Throughout our careers we have had many clients come to us with audio that already had been transcribed, but the job was done so poorly that they needed us to provide something actually useable.  Don’t make the mistake of accepting anything less than Superior Transcriptions!